Edo Ball is a series of 10 original artworks inspired by Basketball, Culture, Japan and Ukiyo-e art.

The series started in 2013 with two personal artworks I created, The Rock & The Ghost. These artworks were created from the love and passion of the game of Basketball, Ukiyo-e art and Japanese culture. The subjects mixed together seamlessly and were incredibly popular with the Basketball and Japanese culture communities.

Each artwork has a story behind it. Some are based on Japanese mythology and culture, others are narratives based on players nick-names and some are created from popular sayings from the game of basketball.

Each artwork is available as prints, postcards and T-shirts from the store.


The Black Mamba - 10' x 15'

The Rock - 10' x 15'

The Object of Desire - 10' x 15'

The Ghost - 10' x 15'

The Bunny - 10' x 15'

The Reign Man - 10' x 15'


The Splash Brothers - 10' x 15'

The Sniper - 10' x 15'

The Reaper - 10' x 15'

The Klaw - 10' x 15'