A Scanner Darkly

I teamed up with The Folio Society to work on Philip K. Dick's award winning science fiction book, A Scanner Darkly. I produced the cover and a series of 7 internal artworks showcasing scenes from passages throughout the novel.



Publisher: The Folio Society
Art Director: Raquel Leis Allion

'Once a guy stood all day shaking bugs from his hair. The doctor told him there were no more bigs in his hair. After he had taken a shower for eight hours, standing under hot water hour after hour suffering the pain of the bugs, he got out and dried himself, and he still had bugs in his hair; in fact, he had bugs all over him. a month later he had bugs in his lungs.'


'The creature had many eyes, all over it, ultra-modern expensive looking clothing, and
rose up eight feet high.'


'She exhaled great grey forceful jets of hash smoke into him, filling him with her own hot and bold and incorrigible energy.'


'Jerry fabin's brain as the fucked-over wiring of the cephalochromoscope: wires cut, shorts, wires twisted, parts overloaded and no good, line surges, smoke, and a bad smell.'

Linework Variant.

Linework Variant.


'Once within the scramble suit, one cannot be identified by voice or even by technological voiceprint, or by appearance. he looks, does he not, like a vague blur and nothing more?'

'It's only a seven-speed bike. now i count eight. six in the front, two in the back. but it should be ten.'